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Lakeside Remodeling's Quality and Craftsmanship

Tough love can pay huge dividends in many ways over the long term. No one knows that better than Felipe Villanueva, a premiere builder and renovation expert in Chicago. 

The lessons learned from tough love have served Villanueva well over the years. More than 20 to be precise. That's how long the principal and founder of Lakeside Remodeling has been making his mark in the Chicago housing market.

High quality, innovative solutions, reasonable pricing. Those are the hallmarks of his company and why homeowners in many Chicago neighborhoods turn to Lakeside when there is a job to be done.

Lakeside is also in big demand by many leading Chicago real estate brokers. Thay have come to rely on Villanueva's company to deliver reliable work for their clients.

"Recently, my buyer's clients were very interested in purchasing a vintage single-family home in the Lakeview neighborhod," says Tom McGavin of Prudential Rubloff. "The results of the inspection revealed a long list of fixes that needed to be handled. The owner balked at what he thought was going to entail, work he just couldn't afford."

McGavin referred his buyers to Lakeside Remodeling. Villanueva personally went through the home with the prospective buyers. Then he developed an estimate of what his company would charge to make all the repairs…a very reasonable figure.

Based on Villanueva’s input, the buyers, rather than requiring the owner to handle the repairs, asked for a credit on the purchase price. The owner readily agreed and the deal closed. All the repairs, plus some significant remodeling the new owners ordered, were completed in a timely manner and on budget. 


In our book, Felipe Villanueva and his people are stars,” said the delighted man of the house.                    

The scope of Lakeside’s work runs the gamut.

We are just putting the finishing touches on a very high-end renovation project in the Gold Coast,” says Felipe. “The home is in a vintage building dating back to the early 1900s. It has five bedrooms and baths, maid's quarters in addition to living space.  It has been a long, stiff challenge demanding many different kinds of skills, including re-engineering the heating and air conditioning, delicate wood restoration, and plumbing upgrades. The owner is extremely satisfied with the outcome.  Pleasing an owner is what keeps us motivated,” he said.   

The project is one of several gut rehab projects Lakeside has tackled in the past couple of years. But Villanueva stresses that no client need is too small for Lakeside to tend to.

He mentions changing a few bathroom light fixtures, replacing a sump pump, fixing a garbage disposal, installing patio tiles as just a few smaller undertakings his company has readily done in recent months.

We are there for whatever people need,” he says. “We are in the business of helping the homeowner enjoy where they live. Whether that means fixing what’s broken. Making a kitchen more modern and strikingly beautiful or a bathroom more functional and relaxing."

From Lincoln Park, to Bucktown, to Lakeview to the South Loop…literally all around town…Villanueva and his people have come to be trusted. Whatever the needs of a home are.

The tough love of years ago continues to deliver a dual payoff. For Lakeside Remodeling and the company’s customers.